Breather System
Often times people pay very little attention to venting the crankcase pressure.
If the pressure in the crankcase is not allowed to escape all kinds of problems
can occur. You can develop oil leaks from the gasket or seals, you can have oil
build up in the valve cover, but most importantly you may loose power.
I have often seen people use a tiny 1/4" hose.  I have also seen people use big
rubber hoses that when stuck into the hole in the valve cover squish down to
about a 1/4 inch inside diameter. I have often seen the hose taped together and
either burnt by the exhaust or damaged by the chain.
This breather system uses a 1/2" thin wall steel tube and 1/2" id rubber hose to
the catch tank.  It provides the lowest crank case pressure possible. The catch
tank is mounted on the rear bearing hanger by two of the bearing bolts. Notice
how short and directly the hose goes to the catch tank.  
The hose can't get caught in the chain or burnt on the exhaust.
It really works great.

PRICE $39.95    WKA Legal
The catch tank is painted yellow and this one has clear hose on it so you can see it better.
On some oval chassis you may have to bend the steel mounting plate slightly for tire clearance.
Breather Bypass System
For high "G" force and high rpm engines